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1,000,000 pieces of public domain media now available at BitTorrent


Fans of classic films, books and radio programs rejoice because you’ll never be bored again, thanks to the preservation efforts of the Internet Archive and their move to BitTorrent.

As Zach Walton at WebProNews explains:

If you’re unfamiliar with the Internet Archive, all of this content is completely free and within the public domain. There is some content that companies protect long after its copyright has faded through extension laws (see Mickey Mouse), but the majority of old film and radio is now completely free through the public domain…

…The move to BitTorrent is especially important because the Internet Archive now relies on its users to help spread the content that’s available. On top of the new servers that the Internet Archive will be using to share this content, other users will also be contributing to the seeding of said content. It will be the definitive way to gain access to everything that the Internet has to offer.

To tempt you into this wonderful archive, we bring you “Gumbasia.”

Full story at WebProNews.

Pieces of history.

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