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101 signs of becoming a healthier, happier person

Not all positive changes are accompanied by obvious rewards, so how do you know you’re moving in the direction of a healthier future, both physically and mentally?

Wellness coach Corinne Dobbas lays out 101 signs you’re on the right path to keep you motivated taken from her own journey and those of clients she’s helped find success.

Pat yourself on the back for those you can check off and choose others to work on to keep moving forward.

1. You begin to own your words. For example, you begin to use phrases like, “I didn’t make time.” Instead of, “I didn’t have time.”

2. You don’t take things personally and recognize that the way people respond to you has everything to do with where they are in life and nothing to do with where (or what) you’re doing in life.

3. You begin to see your parents as human beings with their own wounds, insecurities, and faults. And you slowly begin to accept them for these things through a lens of compassion, and the big part …  you stop blaming them for past wrongs and wounds.

4. You became an observer of your life instead of a judger of it.

5. You move your body and work out to express self-love and self-care instead of self-punishment.

6. You allow yourself to feel your feelings (instead of cover them up with a myriad of things from spending too much to drinking too much to eating too much).

7. You begin to find solutions and options instead of blocks and obstacles.

8. You view heart-shattering, hard times as massive times of self-growth.

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Success starts with self.


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  • Life is all about transformation, as each individual on Earth is discovering in a physical body new ways of experiencing life. And through this process of searching, each one of us is developing a deeper level of understanding of life and a greater ability to express our unique essence. It is important to realize that we are all beautiful in our own ways, complete in our authentic selves, and the more of the authentic we become, the more our beauties will shine. As Eckhart Tolle, once said: “You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”
    We have to learn to value and accept ourselves for who and what we are for all the good parts, as well as the parts that we think need improvement. We are not our worst failure. Everyone has a past. Some pasts are filled with darkness, some with light and most are filled with a mixture of the light and darkness. Our pasts may shape us but it deosn’t define who we become. Despite all the obstacles and problems that life throws at us, and regardless of all emotional pains or low points that we may experience sometimes in our lives, but we have to realize that we completely matter. We matter, not because we think we are important, or others tell us that we are, or because of our financial situations, our looks, performances, or popularities. But because GOD put us here. The world would not be the same if we were not here or if we do not fulfil our purposes. You can turn your weakness to strength. When I look back on my life, I realize that I have always been feeling emotions intensely. And I have the tendency to give of myself hundred percent in any relationship, although I have hardly been receiving the same reception from others. I can always look at this characteristic I have of giving love and care totally as a weakness. But on the other hand, the fact that I have the capacity to give myself in this way, without any reservation, can be seen as strength. Despite the fact that feelings and emotions can hurt, but the ability to feel is a gift. And the ability to convey feelings to others is a gift to them. To hold back emotions is to keep back a special gift from the world.
    We have to learn to love ourselves, respect ourselves and constantly seeking ways to invite transformation for the sake of our self growth. If we are dissatisfied of who we are, no amount of change could possibly persuade us that we are worthy and lovable.