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10/10/10 Global Work Party: A day to celebrate climate solutions


350.org is taking this memorable date on the calendar to make meaningful change in the world. With 6700 events planned in 188 countries, this year’s day of action promises to outdo last year’s celebration, which CNN called, “the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.”

Local events are listed at 350.org or you can always get creative right at home: Throw a little party of your own at the recycling center, break ground on next year’s garden or start that compost heap in the backyard.

Full story at Good.


A great day to go green.

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  • Zahra Khan

    This is called many things: the powers of ten, Eames Day, 42 Day, etc. Some are simply calling 10/10/1910 day, or ten days Diez Diez. It’s one of those rare calendar that nobody really knows how to explain, but for some reason, we are all fascinated by it.
    <a href="http://apusa.us/101010-3-4051/"><b&gt; 10/10/10 </b></a> http://apusa.us/101010-3-4051/