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11 essential ingredients every blog post needs [infographic]

It’s never a good thing to fill a blog with formulae, but it also doesn’t hurt to know the ingredients that go into making a delectable entry that will hook readers and have them begging for more.

Copyblogger created an easy to follow checklist of entry elements, but the creative work…well, that’s still up to you.


Via Copyblogger.

Infographics to boost your blog.

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  • After reading this, it seemed the last bit pretty much summed it up. Talk about what you know best. You. If you keep it authentic as well as demonstrate your empathy most of what’s listed above will just resolve itself. It will sting you to think of anything that doesn’t quite resonate like you want it to and you will see when it does for someone else. Keep it authentic, never compromise.

  • I so appreciate your generosity. The essential guidline therein is so all incompasing, comprehensive, and applicable. Thanks David Bauer.

    Don Rae, blogger