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11 lessons companies can learn from airports’ mistakes


Have you experienced a sinking feeling recently when you approach the airport?

If it isn’t the cramped flight where food is grossly overpriced if not simply gross, then it’s the complete disregard for traveler comfort and ease airports seem to be specializing in of late.

Seth Godin feels your pain but has found a lesson or two for organizations to take away from the awful example of airports amidst all the strife.

1. No one is in charge. The airport doesn’t appear to have a CEO, and if it does, you never see her, hear about her or interact with her in any way. When the person at the top doesn’t care, it filters down.

2. Problems persist because organizations defend their turf instead of embrace the problem. The TSA blames the facilities people, who blame someone else, and around and around. Only when the user’s problem is the driver of behavior (as opposed to maintaining power or the status quo) things change.

Full story at Seth Godin.

Lessons for business.

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