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11 tips for mixing up your digital marketing


If dusting up your digital marketing efforts is high on the to-do list for 2013, Chris Abraham at Socialmedia.biz has eleven ideas to give that hamster in the wheel a kick in the wee little pants and start things rolling in the right direction.

(Note: In no way do we endorse actually kicking your hamster, in a wheel or not, or trying to finagle the little rodent into human apparel. A PETA protest may make that video go viral, but not be so good for business.)

Start a blog

I know what you may be thinking: Blogging is dead. However, if you’ll notice, most of what folks are sharing online via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ are articles via links. The only real way of creating and providing content that can easily be shared everywhere is via a blog or some other kind of bloggish platform.

With a blog-based platform, whether it’s your personal or professional site, sharing your content from a Web application you own and control is a no-brainer. A blog offers built-in RSS and the ability to easily hook right in to Google Webmaster Tools via a dynamically created sitemap. You can add plug-ins that automagically optimize your site for search as well reduce the friction associated with sharing by dropping share buttons into your content from Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and even Google’s +1. And as each of your favorite “forever for now” social networking service fades and dies, you won’t lose any of your best content but will be able to maintain your own database of everything you have ever written.

Listen more online

In our mad rush to create content every day, and with all of our impending blog post due dates rushing in, it’s hard to spend some time reading the tweets of your followers, the posts of your Facebook friends, the blogs of people in your space, and their latest videos and memes on YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, and Flickr. But you need to spend some of that time. I was overwhelmed until I adopted Flipboard (see below). It’s worth it, and I will tell you why shortly.

Full story at Socialmedia.biz.

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