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11 tips for opening a stubborn jar lid

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Not everyone has hands like the Man of Steel, and, if we’re honest with ourselves, you know Lois Lane had to take a stab at a stubborn lid on Superman’s off days.

If the trick Dad taught you isn’t working but you’re craving a pickle in the worst way, add these eleven tips from Care2‘s Chaya to your jar-beating arsenal and enjoy that dill! You earned it.

1. The baby bum technique. You know how television shows sometimes show a doctor inverting a baby and slapping her buttocks to get her to cry after she’s delivered? That’s actually not such a hot idea for babies, but it works fine on jars. Sometimes. Invert your jar, holding on to the glass part, and use your other hand to sharply slap the base. Tip it right way ‘round and see if you can get the top off now that you’ve helped break the seal.

2. Get some leverage (caution!). The best way to do this is with a small butter knife. Carefully slide the knife between the lid and the jar and twist a little bit to break the seal. Do this cautiously to avoid breaking the jar; otherwise your pickles will be ruined with glass fragments!

3. A banging good time. Another option involves gently striking the lid against a hard object at about a 45 degree angle. You can bang it against the sink or counter, or hit it with something like a wooden spoon. This can sometimes get the lid dislodged enough to break the seal, without damaging it so it can’t be reused. Be aware that if you hit too hard, you may dent the lid and make the jar harder to open, and there’s also a possibility of breaking the glass.

Full story at Care2.

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