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11 ways to streamlining social media marketing


Social media wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t suck productivity like a sponge, but with the help of these eleven tips from Corey Eridon at HubSpot, you can more efficiently engage in social media marketing and leave enough time to get other work done without distraction.

1) Compose your updates in advance.

Let’s say you have to update your company’s Twitter account with new content every hour during the business day. Do you click around trying to find content to power those eight updates every hour, or do you find that content in advance and bookmark it? Hopefully, it’s the latter … otherwise you don’t have much time left to do anything else but search for social content.

That’s why we created a social media publishing schedule — an Excel template that lets you input all of your social media status updates for each social network, organized by the date and time you’d like to publish them…

2) Maintain a content repository.

Did you just laugh at the idea of crafting a week’s worth of social media updates in an hour? If so, you might need a content repository. We actually included a content repository right in our social media template, because we find it so useful to have it to refer to within our scheduling document…

Basically, this is the place that you can keep all the content you’d like to promote and resurface in social media — because the more content you create, the harder it will be for you to keep track of it all. So put in your ebooks, your blog posts, your infographics, everything you will want to re-promote at a later date in social media. Then you’ll be able to jump over to this tab in your spreadsheet every week and quickly find content to promote! Just be sure to include an expiration date if the content isn’t evergreen so you don’t accidentally promote, say, a webinar that has already taken place.

No more pulling content out of thin air, marketers!

Full story at HubSpot.

Effectively marketing with social media.

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