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11 Windows 10 tricks you probably don’t know

Now that Windows 10 has been out for a while, you might think you have it mastered.

Entrepreneur isn’t so sure, so they revealed eleven hidden tricks to improve your user experience.

1. Secret Start Menu

If you’re a fan of that old-school (i.e. non-tiled) Start menu experience, you can still have it — sorta. If you right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner, it will prompt a textual jump menu with a number of familiar popular destinations (Programs and Features, Search, Run). All these options are available through the standard menu interface, but you’ll be able to access them quicker through this textual interface.

2. Secret Desktop Button

This desktop button actually dates back to Windows 7, but I embarrassingly only recently found out about it. On the bottom-right corner of your page, there’s a secret desktop button. Don’t see it? Look all the way to the bottom and right, to the side of the date and time. There you’ll find a small little sliver of an invisible button. Click that and it will minimize all your open windows to clear the desktop. You can change the behavior of this in Settings, between having to click or just having to hover the mouse over the corner.

Full story at Entrepreneur.

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