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Safest places to live in US weather-wise

USA vector map with states and major cities
In the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating Oklahoma tornadoes and with sincere condolences to all who have suffered, Slate has taken a look at the US to discern where it’s safest to live. They asked:

If an American wants to minimize his chances of dying at Mother Nature’s hands, where should he set up house? Slate crunched the numbers—and did some educated guesswork—to find the U.S. city where the odds of perishing in a natural disaster are closest to nil.

The methodology: they looked at every natural disaster from 1965 to 2004; eliminated the top 30 most obvious states (California – earthquakes; Florida – hurricanes) and came up with three states with fatality rates of 0.01 per thousand in the last decade:

  1. Connecticut (0.00587 per thousand);
  2. Massachusetts (0.00299);
  3. Rhode Island (0.00286).

Then for these three finalists they looked at county-by-county breakdowns of presidential-disaster declarations since 1995 and the winner was: Rhode Island (Blizzard of ’96). But, there are lots of bays and rivers to take in to account and so with further winnowing, Slate has decided that a town in Connecticut wins the honors of the safest place to live in the US:

After much debate, then, we settled on Slate‘s “America’s Best Place to Avoid Death Due to Natural Disaster”: the area in and around Storrs, Conn., home to the University of Connecticut. It lies in Tolland County, which was not part of the 1999 federal disaster declaration for Tropical Storm Floyd. It’s a safe 50 miles from the sound and not close to any rivers. It also has relatively easy access to a major city (Hartford) in the event an evacuation or hospitalization becomes necessary.

For more, see the original article at: Slate.

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  • This is fantastic. I’m in Rhode Island. I feel just a bit better today, but I wonder if this article takes into consideration the drivers here…if you factor that in, I think CT wins.

  • shawn

    So what is the least safe?

  • tabs

    Weatherwise we got it pretty good in sc. Wish we got more snow but no complaints.