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12 amazing animals discovered in 2015 [video]

While one part of science seeks to peek as far into the universe as possible in the search for life, another is hard at work finding new species on our very own planet.

Mental Floss presents twelve amazing animals that we took our time discovering, but were well worth the wait, especially if you’re into the racier aspects of biology.


The white-cheeked macaque, discovered in southeastern Tibet, owes its name to its white whiskers, but it was a feature a little further down that helped researchers determine it as a new species. Among other differences between it and the other macaque species in the region, are the shape and color of its business parts. While the other species there have penises with spear-shaped tips and white scrotums, the new guy has a rounded penis and a dark, hairy scrotum. 


Discovered in Costa Rica, Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog stands out for two reasons. The first is its bulging white eyes and big black pupils, which prompted widespread comparisons to Kermit the Frog (and even a comment from the Muppet himself) when the discovery was announced. If you can get past the similarity long enough to flip the frog over, you’ll find the second notable characteristic: like other glass frogs’, H. dianae’s belly skin is translucent, giving a clear view of its organs.

Full story at Mental Floss.

Always something new in the animal kingdom.

Photo credit: Cheng Li et al., Graphics credit: Canva

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