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12 characteristics of a meeting troll

Office life

Do you get a sinking feeling whenever a company or department meeting looms on the schedule?

Could be you’re unwittingly falling victim to a meeting troll, and, luckily, Seth Godin has a simple field guide to finding them in the wild of the office.

Remember, something is far easier to fight when you can see it clearly.

  1. The meeting troll has a neverending list of reasonable objections. It’s the length of the list that makes the objections unreasonable.

  2. The meeting troll never says ‘we’. It’s all about ‘you.’

  3. The meeting troll doesn’t actually want you to fail, but is establishing a trail so that if you do, he’s off the hook.

  4. Despite his protestations about how much he hates meetings, the meeting troll actually thrives on them, because, after all, this is the only place he gets to do his best work. The very best way to extinguish the meeting troll is to extinguishmeetings. The second best way is to not invite him.

Full story at Seth’s Blog.

Finding the rotten egg in the company carton.

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  • Re: #4 or you can just run an effective meeting that is focused and facilitated.