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12 common logo mistakes


A good logo can send your brand a long way. Learn about what makes an effective logo design by recognizing 12 design pitfalls outlined by graphic design blogger Jacob Cass. Here are just two:

  • Too complex, too abstract: Simple logos are more memorable as they allow for easier recognition; however, for a logo to be memorable and stand apart from the crowd, it must have something unique about it, without being too overdrawn. Not only does simplicity make a logo more memorable, but it also makes the logo more versatile, meaning it can work over more mediums. For example, a logo should work on something the size of a postage stamp and on something as large as a billboard. Don’t make your logo too abstract either.
  • Relying on special effects or color: If a logo requires color or special effects to make it a strong logo, it’s not a strong logo. To get around this, work in black and white first and then add the special effects or color later. This allows you to focus on the shape and concept rather than the special effects. Don’t use drop shadows, embossing, or other layer styles to gloss up logos—a good logo will stand on its own. You can also make different variations of a logo to ensure it works in colour or grey scale.

Full story at Just Creative Design.

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