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12 great words to spice up your vocabulary


With the recent addition of “malarkey” back into the vernacular, perhaps you’ve been looking to resurrect some more quirky terms from the good old days and put them into daily usage.

As Marc Ensign of 12Most points out, nothing spices up a blog like a few unique terms that will turn a prosaic post into one your readers will remember, plus, he’s dug up twelve gems you can start using the next time you open your mouth or start typing.

So, enough of this introductory malarkey, and let’s get down to business!

1. Kerfuffle ( kərˈfəfəl )

Originally, I thought a kurfuffle was the machine they use at Build-a-Bear to blow stuffing into the bears but apparently I was wrong. After looking a little deeper, it seems as though it is really defined as a commotion or fuss.

Example: I got into a bit of a kerfuffle with the girl from Build-a-Bear when she insisted that the stuffing machine was not called a kerfuffle.

2. Flibbertigibbet (ˈflibərtēˌjibit )

I’m like 85% sure that flibbertigibbet has two meanings. The more widely used being a frivolous, flighty or excessively talkative person. However, what I feel is the more advanced usage of the term is something Kermit the Frog says after having one too many cocktails.

Example: Oh flibbertigibbet! Miss Piggy is here! Quick, hide in the closet!!!

Full story at 12Most.

Enrich your vocabulary.

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