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12 hangover cures from the pros


We’d like to wish (whisper) you, “Happy New Year,” but if you’re carrying a bit more of 2011 into 2012 than you’d like, perhaps some advice from some notorious overindulgers of history would be of service.

Alison Nastasi of The Atlantic has done her homework and found the keys to excess of the rich and famous, though they might make your doctor cringe. Well, so would the amount of alcohol necessitating a cure, so we’re already in trouble…

Zelda Fitzgerald

Literary flapper celeb Zelda Fitzgerald apparently liked to start her boozing around 11 am. Vodka and lemonade were her best friends, accompanying the novelist for a lazy day of reading and writing, and eventually to her ballet studio where she would diligently exercise. By evening, she was out on the town with a garter flask concealed beneath her dress and not a care in the world. Zelda’s hangovercure was a morning swim, before mixing her drinks and repeating the entire routine all over again.

WC Fields

…The actor reveals a queasy-sounding solution to hungover bank examiner J. Pinkerton Snoopington in the film: a breaded veal cutlet with tomato sauce; a chocolate éclair for dessert; liver and bacon; or 2 pickled eggs and some castor oil; or Hungarian Goulash and a coconut custard pie. It’s also said Fields enjoyed a martini the morning after.

Full story at The Atlantic via Neatorama.

”Hanging” with celebrities.

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