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12 holiday shopping scams


While everyone loves a great deal, scammers love a shopping season of sales just as much as the next guy, though their deals can hold some very unhappy surprises. From crap apps to e-mail marketing, it pays to know the warning signs of suspicious characters lurking near your online cart, and Christina of Geek Girlfriends is here with twelve things of which to beware.

1. Social Media Scams

Scammers use the same social media channels you do to lure you to click on links that lead to fake sites. Once there, you will tempted to install apps that grab personal information, download malware, or give up your address, email address, or credit card number. Just because it looks like a direct message from a friend on Facebook or Twitter, doesn’t mean it is. Be just as wary as you would if this was an email. (You know email return addresses can be faked, right?)

2. Bad Apps

Humans have downloaded 25 million apps for Android alone. Whew! I’m crazy for apps, too. But I’m also careful. A recent study found that 33% of apps ask for more data than they need. So be sure to download official apps, check the user reviews, and glance at the apps permission policy before your download. McAfee offer its Mobile Security program as further protection.

Full story at Geek Girlfriends.

In shopping, a great defense is the best offense.

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