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12 infuriating driving habits

Dysfunctional drivers are annoying at best, dangerous at worst. Here are 12 horrible driving habits that drive me crazy. The worst of the worst behaviors that put odor in the odometer and piss in the pistons. (by Brad Shorr)

1. The texter
2. The turn signal phobic
3. The homewrecker
4. The lost and clueless
more here: http://12most.com/2013/02/27/12-infuriating-driving-habits/

What drives you crazy on the road?

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  • The fast lane slug-hog.

  • Too many to list but some others that come to mind are: the Turn Blocker – people who pull past a stop sign and angle their car taking up the opposite lane making it impossible to get by. The Gap Closers: people who speed up to the bumper of the car ahead preventing you from entering the slow lane of a highway even if traffic is moving at a crawl. And, the Needle Threader – people who cut directly from the fast lane into an exit directly ahead of you even when there are no other cars behind you.

    My next car would be a Humvee if it weren't for the whole gasoline vs. second mortgage dealio.

  • Yep, mine are varied as well but here are some of my favs:  The rolling eardrum blaster — they're already deaf from the 10000 watt sub woofers in their rides — but they want to take your ears out as well.  The life flasher — these like to pull out in traffic when you are so dangerously close to them — that your entire life flashes before your eyes in milliseconds because you think you're about to die. The crazy bat out of hell — these weave in and out of lanes, cut you off, tailgate,etc — all in a rush to get to the light at the same time as you.

  • Texting/cell phone users make my blood boil! I have a collection of AT&T's don't text and drive stickers at home 🙂

  • Agree on all above comments. Where I live, people stop in the opposite lane to let you turn in front of them and while it's very polite it's not very safe.

  • +Peg Fitzpatrick I live in Montreal where a Cross Walk is so unrecognized that drivers think it's just another construction site and look for workers to run over. 
    Maybe just getting old but do people take courses anymore?

  • Can't even talk about driving habits here, sadly because there are none 🙁

  • +Ray Hiltz They take classes here. Our state law is that cars have to stop for pedestrians, they are supposed to cross at crosswalks but don't always. That's fun too.