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12 more odd ways to use coconut oil

Even if you never jumped on the oil-pulling craze, having a jar of coconut oil on hand is useful beyond baking and beauty.

Instructables user  has a few suggestions we haven’t yet seen for how to use this versatile product that might have you finally jumping on the coconut bandwagon.

Soothe rashes, bug bites, burns and sunburns

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and can really help calm upset skin!

I highly recommend putting a tiny container of it in the fridge and using it for any bites or burns you get. You just need to chip off a tiny piece (it’ll really harden up in the fridge!) and rub it on the affected area.

Shine stainless steel

Coconut oil is a great fix for sad, splotchy stainless steel.

You’ll need a microfiber cleaning cloth or a scrap of t-shirt/jersey fabric for this to work the best – paper towels and fuzzy fabrics will leave fibers!

Clean the surface and then apply a teeny amount of coconut oil and rub it on using nice long strokes – buff it out using the cloth and enjoy super shiny stainless steel. It really doesn’t take very much at all – it should look glossy but not wet. 😀

The only place I don’t recommend this is the stovetop – the heat can cause the oil to discolor!

Full story at Instructables.

Coconut lifehacks galore!

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