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12 simple changes for a healthier lifestyle

Why do we only seem to use the phrase “Just this once” for the things we’re not supposed to do? Then, that one time becomes another bad habit to break.

Instead, make a few of these simple changes once or twice, then start reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle when routine kicks in.

Stretch, Walk, Exercise for 10 Minutes First Thing in the Morning

Your workout doesn’t have to be this 90-minute power yoga, crossfit, bootcamp class. It can simply be a 10-minute walk or stretch in the comfort of your own home. Morning exercise helps you to better sleep patterns at night, and morning exercisers tend to eat less during the day – now I have your attention =)

Break Up With the Bag Boy

Carry your own groceries to your car. Unload your groceries from your shopping cart into your vehicle. Burn some extra calories and build some muscle.

Full story at Fab Fit Squad.

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