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12 tips for avoiding saying something you’ll regret


As we grow older, the voice of conscience instilled in us by our caretakers starts to fade, and that can become a problem when forgetting cautionary conversational steps leads us into awkward social situations all too often.

To turn up the volume on that helpful voice, Becky Gaylord at 12Most has some basic etiquette advice to keep the foot out of the mouth and make the road to good relations that much smoother.

Mom would be so proud.

1. It’s much easier to keep your lips zipped than to make amends for a blunder you blurted

Always true, this one. Making amends is never quick or easy.

2. Asking about someone’s salary, mortgage, debts or assets are fine — if you are the person’s financial advisor

And it’s impolite in pretty much any other circumstance. Need proof? Just try it out and see…

3. It’s fine to say, “We will just have to agree to disagree on that”

Why, oh, why do people feel the need to not just offer their opinion but also try to convert the whole group? It’s okay if you feel a certain way. And it’s okay, too, if I don’t. So, before you ramp up the conversation, volume and tension — and say something you regret — just agree to disagree. Done.

Full story at 12Most.

The etiquette checklist.

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