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12 tips to delight your social media connections

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People flock to delightful personalities and what works at the water cooler works on social media, too.

As Pam Moore explains:

According to Dictionary.com, the word delight is defined as “to please someone greatly.” Notice the key word of “greatly.” Delight does not equal status quo. It does not mean doing, writing, posting, tweeting, pinning, +1-ing the same exact thing every other business in your niche is doing.

So, how can you stand out from the crowd while making people smile?

Start by trying these twelve helpful tips and watch your following grow.

1. Be human. Humanize your brand. Don’t talk like a robot in 1995 corporate speak. Realize that your brand is everything about you from what you tweet to how you respond to comments on Facebook. Don’t hide your employees. Let them shine and be a living, breathing representation of who and what you are. Read more here-> “13 Characteristics of the Human Brand.

2.  Make them feel loved. Loved you ask? Why loved you may be giggling? Because at the core of our inner being is a need to feel simply needed. We want to feel loved, be loved. When someone visits your blog, Facebook page or other social network profile are you making them feel loved? Or is it all about you?

3. Capture their heart in the first 30 seconds. What are you doing to make their first 30 seconds on your platform delightful? If you can’t answer this question, you need to start here. First impressions are everything.

Full story at Pam Moore.

Strengthening social media bonds.

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