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12 types of content that spread like wildfire


No matter what advice you read on building a stellar blog, one key to success is always creating great content.

While your expertise and deep thoughts may provide an endless stream of high-quality content, every blog could use the boost of the post that sets the Internet on fire.

Blogworld’s Shanna Mallon has a great list of twelve types of content to hook new readers by spreading the good word about your blog.

1. News: Breaking news is always attention-grabbing, if only because it’s new. People like to feel in the know. So give your readers something worth spreading by announcing a big change or update.

2. Memes: Memes are made to be spread. They may be photos, videos, tags, or other media, but they go viral quickly, making them the perfect social media tool. Wonder how a company or blogger can use memes to spread a message? Consider the following examples:

3. Photos: Beautiful, eye-catching, noteworthy photos do well on many forms of social media, from Pinterest to Facebook. In fact, according to some research, Facebook posts with an image generate 120% more response than posts without one. So to maximize your influence, post attractive images readers will want to share.

Full story at Blogworld.

Great content ideas for your blog.

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