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12 ways of managing anger


A hot temper may make for great TV drama, but in real life situations it leads to more problems than it’s worth when not kept in check. From the boardroom to the baby’s room, there are plenty of triggers to spark a stampede of emotions of the negative kind.

If you’ve been getting so hot under the collar lately there’s a third-degree burn on your neck, it might be time to corral those feelings and get your anger under control with these tips from Martina McGowan at 12Most.

1. Monitor your feelings

To more effectively manage your anger, try staying connected to your emotions at all times. Staying connected means that you understand what your triggers are. You what kinds of situations are going to set you up, set you off. This way you can take a more proactive approach in heading off any anger that may be developing. This way you become the manager of your emotional state rather than handing those keys over to someone else. Even if you don’t understand your feelings well, there are people around you who do. Do not let other people drive you around by some kind of “emotional tether.” You are in control of what you do.

2. Learn to identify your emotions

When you can put a specific name on how you’re feeling, like “annoyed” or “frustrated,” you’ll learn to better understand yourself and how your emotions work. Being able to identify a thing and label it gives us a better chance of dealing with it intelligently.

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