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12 ways to cope with “eating alone” holidays


Amidst all the complaining one hears (or does – guilty as charged) during the holiday season about the stress of being with family or traveling, the voices that often get drowned out are those of the people who plan to spend the holiday alone, whether by choice or circumstance.

Nancy Lee Bentley at YourTango has twelve tips for those going solo this Thanksgiving to make it an incredible day or at the very least, a peaceful one.

1. Get away? Contrary to some “expert” advice saying ”never eat alone,” a little solitude and self-nurturing, including solo dining, could be just what the doctor ordered. If you can manage it, maybe gifting yourself with a pampering weekend away could be a great recharge. If you can’t get away away, then consider treating yourself to a movie or just getting in the car and taking a ride to wherever it leads you…

2. Do something different, maybe something you’ve never considered before…

3. Give of yourself. Giving and receiving create their own neurochemistry… But getting yourself out of your own head and into a service mindset – volunteering your time to help serve at a local soup kitchen, visiting kids in an orphanage or the elderly in a nursing home — could help shift your biochemistry and your whole frame of mind into feeling more rewarded and satisfied, possibly even grateful for what you do have.

Full story at YourTango.

Coping tips for the holidays.

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