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12 ways to destroy your credibility


There exists an untold number of tomes explaining how to build one’s reputation, a task that can take years to accomplish but moments to destroy.

Although focusing on what one should do is generally the more acceptable way of giving advice, with something so valuable on the line, it’s worth cutting straight to the chase as Martina McGowan of 12Most does in her article “12 Most Self-Absorbed Ways to Destroy Your Credibility.”

1. Disrespecting people’s time

There is an old adage, “time is money.” Time is also some of the necessary capital for building relationships, personal as well as business. In our fast-paced society, most people feel over-burdened by the things they feel they must get done and not having enough time.

Starting and ending meetings late, showing up late for appointments, lunches and dinners may be tolerated initially. But, eventually it leads people to question your sincerity, ability to organize (and lead), accomplish important tasks, manage your time, lead effectively, and eventually your integrity about all that you do. Abusing someone’s time says blatantly, “I don’t respect or value you.”

2. Inauthentic listening

A second clear signal that you do not value the people around you is not really paying attention when they are speaking to you. It is one thing to take notes about the discussion or topic, but a completely different issue when fiddling with your smart phone, failing to make eye-contact, and finally giving inappropriate answers to questions you have only half-heard. If you wish to add insult to injury, you can ask that they repeat everything they have just said, now that they have your attention…

Full story at 12Most.

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