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12 ways to prep for interviews with social media


Preparation is always key to succeeding at a job interview, but in the era of social media, there’s more to do than rehearsing possible questions and making sure your outfit is ironed.

Jenny Kay Pollock at 12Most has twelve suggestions on how to use social media to get a feel for the company with which you’re interviewing and how to give your own profiles the perfect professional polish as well.

1. Check the business’s social media profiles

Do your research: it’s important to walk into a job interview informed. Start with their website and move to their social media sites. It’s easiest to find their social media sites through their official webpage.

2. Do a search on Twitter

Check to see what other people are saying about the company. See how the company uses Twitter. Do they have a sense of humor, are they active or have they failed to tweet for over two months.

3. Look up the individual(s) interviewing you

Check out the interviewer’s personal and professional social media sites to get a better understanding of who they are and what they are looking for. Learn about how they use social media and their specific role at the company.

Full story at 12Most.

Score the job with social media.

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