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12 wishes for smartphone capabilities


It’s that magical time of year when we ask Santa for the many things on our wish lists, but not even the big guy in red seems to be able to get his elves motivated enough to satisfy the smartphone desires of Jenny Kay Pollock of 12Most or at least get them down to us little people.

What would you add to the list?

1. Open my garage door

Why fuss with an extra item? What if you can’t recall if you shut your garage door? Or if your kid gets locked out of the house? No problem… your smartphone’s got your back! Who needs a garage door opener when your smartphone can do it? (My smartphone can do this, My garage door opener just lacks the technology to connect to my smartphone.)

2. Start my car

Remote car starters are all the rage in northern states — warming up your car in the winter with a click of a button. Why should I have to keep track of the clicker? Or go look for the keys when I want to warm up your car. And while you’re at it smartphone, can you lock and unlock my car too?

3. Be my government issued ID

Trying to carry a purse or loose credit cards for a night out drinking is a recipe for disaster. Let’s just use our smartphones. It should be my driver’s license, credit cards and my passport.

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