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13 thoroughly skateable structures


Most places clearly post that skateboarding is not welcome no matter how tempting the architecture, yet some city officials and architects are bucking that trend and throwing open the doors (and stairs and ramps and walls) to let the good times roll, as Steph at WebUrbanist discovered in her research.

Philipp Schuster’s Skate Villa (above)

A deteriorating hunting lodge in the woods of Salzburg, Austria, was transformed into an indoor skate park with a few tons of concrete. Professional skateboarder Philipp Schuster pulled off what might be one of the coolest transformations of an abandoned space with ‘Skate Villa’, a house that has retained its original character thanks to lots of antlers, nature scenes, rifles and rustic furniture.

Snohetta’s Oslo Opera House


It’s no accident that the Oslo Opera House in Norway, by Snohetta architects, looks so eminently skateable. The design of the building invites not just pedestrians to ascend the roofline all the way to the top for a view of the fjord and the city on the shore, but skateboarders as well. The design of the building was actually inspired by the image of two glaciers colliding, but the architects enlisted the help of skateboarders to create the optimal conditions for a smooth ride. “We spoke to them about surface textures and the areas they prefer,” says architect Simon Ewings. The opera house even has a list of its most skateable features, and recommended moves.

Full story at WebUrbanist.

Skateboards encouraged.

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