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13 types of Pinterest users


Pinterest did not invent social bookmarking, but the website has succeeded in bringing bookmarking to the masses and the masses’ mothers. Now that everyone with an internet connection has caught the bedazzled pinning bug, certain Pinterest personalities have emerged. Mental Floss has broken down the most common pinning habits and created a list of the 13 types of Pinterest users.

The Bookmarker

This is the person who uses Pinterest only as an updated, visual version of the old delicious. Usually, Pinner A has no idea what the “Bookmark” functionality is on their own browser and is often the type of person who uses Google to find Yahoo mail.

The Stand-Up Comic

This type of pinner is very hit or miss. Either the humorous photos they’re sharing are hilarious, and you’re thrilled you’re following him/her, or the jokes strike you as sophomoric and you wish you never followed based on that one funny image that drew you in to begin with.

The Project Procrastinator

Pinner B sees something on the Web and immediately gets excited about a DIY project based on the image pinned. Unfortunately, Pinner B is a major procrastinator and is easily distracted by the next bright, shiny thing and winds up emulating @shanenickerson‘s amazing tweet: You guys, my new podcast, “Ideas I have in my car that I’ll never follow up on” will never be available.

Full list at Mental Floss.

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