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14 awesome outdoor offices


These days “getting away from it all” doesn’t really mean escaping work duties thanks to the wonder (or curse) of technology, but if it’s some peace and quiet to get your work done that you’re looking for, it would be hard to beat these fourteen incredible ideas for detached workspace compiled by Steph at WebUrbanist.

(Above) Archipod

The perfectly round, shingle-covered Archipod is certainly an unusual structure to see in someone’s backyard. Designed to be garden decor as much as a functioning studio or workspace, the Archipod is a 9-foot-diameter sphere that is shipped in segments so it can easily be carried, piece by piece, through a house. Inside is a semi-circular desk, a skylight and a porthole-like round glass window.



Another totally transportable, self-contained backyard working space is the OfficePod. The modular design makes it easy to move and assemble, and a rolling wooden facade enables it to be opened to the outdoors. A top-quality locking system ensures that valuables inside are protected. Built and delivered, the whole OfficePod comes out to about $24,000. Features include an integrated desk, built-in storage, LED lighting and window blinds.

Full story at WebUrbanist.

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