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14 projects for eco-conscious crafters


If you can’t pass a pile of junk without your imagination running wild with crafting possibilities, then this list of eco-friendly projects from WebEcoist will definitely send you running to the nearest resale shop for potential treasures. Get out the glue and get crafting!


Lace Lantern

Lace doilies aren’t exactly fashionable home decor any more, but if you’ve still got some laying around – even if they’re ripped and otherwise unusable – they can be turned into a pretty globe lantern using glue and a balloon. Other items that might work include lace handkerchiefs and tablecloths.


Wine Cork Bathmat

As if you needed another excuse to crack open a bottle of wine as often as possible, this cool project from CraftyNest gives you a way to use all of those corks. A naturally soft, water-resistant material, cork is perfect for bath mats. CraftyNest’s instructions involve hot-gluing the corks to a non-adhesive shelf liner, which acts as a floor-gripping base.


T-Shirt Grocery Bag

Making your own reusable shopping bags has never been easier than this. Old t-shirts with moth holes, stains or unwanted designs make stretchy, colorful totes with minimal sewing. Check out the tutorial at Ecouterre.

Full story at WebEcoist via Neatorama.

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