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14 scouting badges we need for “adulting”

When we’re kids, there’s the satisfaction gained by a job well done, but far more fun are the badges we used to get for mastering a new skill.

Time for adults to get the credit we so richly deserve.

1. Didn’t Forget to Buy Milk

Life can get pretty busy and you’re often in a rush to get home. So if you remembered to pick up milk, you should really relish that cereal dinner – you earned it!

2.Cooked Your First Meal For Two

Cooking for yourself is one thing, but impressing someone else? Whether it’s a significant other, a friend, or your mom, give yourself a pat on the back for this one.

3. File Your First Tax Return

Getting through that mountain of invoices and receipts to fill out your tax return can be daunting and confusing. Getting through your first one unscathed is reason to celebrate.

Full story at SavingSpot.

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