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14 time management tips for creatives

All too often, we associate creativity with romanticized chaos, yet there are ways of understanding how creativity works and how time can be managed to maximize output.

Canva Design School’s Amanda Oliver has fourteen tips to help you get in touch with your creative side and establish a routine that works with your energies.

01. Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

Time is what it is; you can’t change it. So, instead of focussing entirely on time management, couple it expertly with “energy management”.

As Matt Mayberry from Entrepreneur.com explains:

“…You could be the world’s greatest planner and be very careful about where you spend your time, but if you mismanage your energy it does you absolutely no good.”

The difference? People who employ good energy management know howtheir time should be spent, by identifying high-value tasks that deserve most of their energy…

02. Act Purposefully

Uncovering purpose helps to refine passion, focus efforts, and sharpen commitments.” — John C. Maxwell, Success.com (follow him on Twitter).

After you have thought about what should hold your attention, you need to look at what the overall purpose of this focus should be.

Why are you being creative? Why are you creating what you’re creating? What drives you to want to spend your time doing a certain thing?…

Full story at Canva Design School.

Maximizing creativity.

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