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14 typographers weigh in on their favorite fonts

Everyone has a font they can’t get enough of and ones that are instant turn-offs, but which ones do typographists adore?

Find out when Canva Design School‘s Amanda Oliver talks to fourteen pros about the reasoning behind their preferences.

Billy So: Colfax


This first font comes to us from Billy So, the UX Designer at Kit and Ace. The brand has a clean and minimalist website which speaks to a Swiss design influence versus their Canadian roots.

That’s why it’s no surprise that when asked about why he loved this font, So said, “I really like the geometric shapes. Colfax is great san-serif font that has the oval shapes that makes it a bit more friendly.”…

Samira Khoshnood: Georgia (Bold Italic)


Samira Khoshnood, Senior Product Designer at Evernote, revealed to theInvision App blog that this font was her absolute favorite.

Typedia describes it as exuding a “sense of friendliness” even at small sizes, which creates a “feeling of intimacy many would argue has been eroded from Times New Roman through overuse.”

Designers who need a font to be clear regardless of its size should keep this one on the short list.

Full story at Canva Design School.

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