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14 ways to mind your manners at the gym


Gym parking lots are packed in January, as people embark on new lifestyle choices in the new year, but just because you paid your dues doesn’t mean there aren’t others to consider.

If you don’t want to wear out your welcome before those goals are attained, take a look at these fourteen points of gym etiquette provided by Jill S. Brown at Huffington Post, and, who knows, it could become one of your favorite places to hang by 2014.

1. Wipe down your equipment after you use it. Gross is an understatement here. If your gym offers towel service, there is no excuse for leaving a bike dripping or a bench donning the sweaty outline of your tank top. If you brought your own towel and that too is soaked in your fluids, then use paper towels.

2. Play nice with your classmates. If you are taking group fitness classes at a popular gym, you will soon notice some people have their “spots.” If you happen into one of those coveted spaces in a classroom, you may feel glowering eyes on you. If you were there first, you have a choice. You can either stand your ground or allow the person scowling at you to edge in on your territory. If you are the person glowering at the newcomer on your perceived turf — please just grow up! What would you tell your children to do in that situation? Remember, you are all in the class for the same reason. Let your feel-good endorphins take over and make some new friends.

3. Observe the time limits on equipment. Some of the most popular cardio equipment will have a time limit, usually 30-minutes. Be respectful of others who are waiting. I am a huge advocate of cross training if you’ve read any of my other articles. If you want to do an hour, or more of cardio on machines, try switching machines every 20-30 minutes. It’s a great way to work different muscles while preventing overuse injuries.

Full story at Huffington Post.

Mind your health.

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