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15 funky fold-up bathrooms


Not everyone has the space for a master bath that could double as a half-court, so designers are setting their sights on innovative ways to save space when it comes to taking care of life’s little necessities.

Steph at WebUrbanist  rounded up fifteen clever, modern designs that make the most of every inch of living space.

“Oneself” (above)

In a one-room apartment where privacy isn’t a problem, perhaps something like this would work (though it would be better if it was at least partially walled off): a gridded wall that opens to reveal a sink, toilet and shower along with storage for towels and other items.

Fold-out bathroom fixtures


This wall-mounted fold-out bathroom wall is more compact than those previously featured, with three panels containing the minimum fixtures required including a tub, sink and toilet. The Cirrus MVR modular bathroom is built around a central water recycling and purifying unit, so it saves water, too.


Full story at WebUrbanist.

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