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15 great baby geek gifts


After a while, the gifts given at baby showers all blend together: they embroidered blanket, the personalized picture frame, the fifty adorable newborn outfits they will never wear. When that next stork-and-bundle invite comes in the mail, be prepared to mix things up with these fifteen suggestions from Amy-Mae Elliot at Mashable.

Worse comes to worse, you won’t be invited to the next one and can spring for massage.

The Mustachifier (above)

For relatives of Tom Selleck, this gift is bound to get plenty of chuckles, but if mom’s been dipping in the Jolen Cream, you’re so off the list for godmother/father.

Uncle Goose Elemental Blocks


Not the gift for the science mom who’s bound to ask why Mother Goose was suddenly replaced when it came to the periodic table. What, you think she can’t handle the elements? She made the elements, baby.

HTML for Babies


Because Baby Einstein is soooo 1999.

We can’t help but throw in one more for good measure, My Little Geek ABCs, because Harvard’s not swinging their doors open for those who don’t know the basics.

Full story at Mashable.

Geek out your baby.

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