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15 horrifying hangover cures


The horrible experience of a hangover appears to be a universal human experience, and where there’s a hangover there’s sure to be an even more horrible cure that only seems reasonable to a person suffering the physical pains of a night well spent.

If your culture’s cure hasn’t been doing the trick lately, Esteban at Refined Guy offers fifteen cures from around the world that might (and we emphasize “might”) ease your suffering.

And, then, there’s always the option of not drinking so much in the first place.

15. Lemon Arm Pits (Puerto Rico)

Some Puerto Ricans apparently believe hangovers are caused in part by dehydration, which is true. However, they also believe that lemon juice can prevent dehydration (which might be true) if you rub it under your arm pit (definitely not true). So that’s what some of them do before a night of heavy boozing: rub lemon slices on their arm pits…

14. Wet River Sand (Ireland)

An old Irish legend says that the best way to cure yourself of a hangover is to bury yourself up to you neck in wet river sand. Why? Well, it’s not exactly clear. I guess being buried in cold sand would help with the body ache and maybe the nausea (Irish river sand being quite cold and all), but other than that it just sounds like something somebody named Seamus made up to get somebody named Sean to do something stupid.

Of course, you have to figure that if people actually did try this, a lot of them would end up dead. I mean, drunks burying each other next to rivers? Baaad combination.

Full story at Refined Guy via Neatorama.

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