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15-minutes and baby-steps to success


Maybe all it takes to succeed is to gain a fifteen-minute advantage. According to Rosabeth Moss Kanter innovation can involve short bursts and baby steps rather than big breakthroughs. According to her, some of the characteristics of success involve innovations that are trial-able, divisible, reversible, and tangible. Be sure to read this posting to see how a “fifteen-minute” competitive advantage is a big deal.

More tips and tricks to help you innovate all the way to the bank.

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  • Angelee

    This article is such a good read not only for the business minded people but also to those who call themselves scientist or experts in new creation and innovation. Aside from time and enough effort, it also takes great patience to make every short-term steps to make something stunning…

    I could say, I’m motivated by this one….

  • It is really true that innovation involves taking one step at a time.

    welcome to the new innovative system