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15 reasons and ways to use Twitter in business


Here is a list of fifteen reasons and ways to use Twitter in business compiled by Douglas Karr. Douglas compiled the list from Shel Israel’s new book, Twitterville. The first three are:

1. Distributing Coupons and Offers—since Twitter is a permission-based communication medium, it’s the perfect means of distributing offers. Good friend Adam Small has seen this in the restaurant and real estate industries—where a combination of Mobile Alerts, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and syndication have helped grow all of his clients’ businesses… while in a down market!

2. Communicating with Employees—rather than tying up email servers or wasting peoples’ time in meeting rooms, Twitter is a great collaboration tool. In fact, that’s why it was first created by Odeo under the name Twttr (i and the e dropped for less typing for SMS!)

3. Receiving Customer Complaints—companies constantly fight to avoid their dirty laundry being put out in the public eye. The irony is that consumers don’t believe in 5-star service anymore. The most aggressive promotion and criticism of companies typically comes after their response… or inactivity. By accepting customer complaints in the open, other consumers can see what kind of company you really are.

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  • Blues Book Finn

    sneaky. I have to go back to DK’s blog to read them anyway. Luckily I’ve already read them, studied them, abide by at least a few of them, and respect them.

    I bow to you, once more, DK