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17 trivia tidbits about The Wizard of Oz


Considering that the classic film The Wizard of Oz was released all the way back in 1939, you might assume you’d heard every piece of gossip and trivia about the film.

Even for an old movie buff, though, Buzzfeed has dug up some new treasures on the adventures of Dorothy and her posse in the land over the rainbow.

– Judy Garland couldn’t stop giggling while filming the scene in which Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion. The director, Victor Fleming, took her aside and slapped her. She returned to the set and filmed the scene in one take.

– The scarecrow face prosthetics that Ray Bolger wore left a pattern of lines on his face that took more than a year to vanish.

– Most of the Wicked Witch’s scenes had to be edited or cut altogether after they were deemed too frightening for children.

Full story at Buzzfeed.

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