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19 excellent food tips (we should have thought of before)


So often, the easiest solution to a problem is staring us right in the face and yet we don’t see it thanks to the huge, blinding wall of habit standing in the light of common sense.

Thankfully, Samir Mezrahi at Buzzfeed is here to blast off the blinders and point us in the right direction with nineteen food-related tips that will make life a heck of a lot easier from now on. (Though we’re not sure about the wisdom of wasting precious Doritos in the woods.)




Full story at Buzzfeed.

Good food sense.

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  • krysnasacat

    Awesome article! Been green for years and do things like the above, yet I still get ridiculed for it, Reusing helps Reduce rubbish in landfills thus not much need for Recycling. Still, Recycle old Reused stuff or unreuables like paper, etc. Do it for your future