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19 ways to boost non-profit Facebook engagement

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Social media marketing is all the rage these days, but few non-profits have space in the budget for a marketing team devoted solely to this form of media.

If your Facebook engagement could use a boost but doesn’t have the big bucks to hire a pro, try incorporating a few of these ideas from Socialbrite’s John Haydon.

  1. Ask a fill-in-the-blank question about the specific area of your cause. Begin the prompt with “Fill in the Blank:”
  2. Ask a multiple-choice question related to a specific area of your cause. Begin the update with “Quick Poll” and then write the choices on separate lines (A, B, C).
  3. Cap that! Ask fans to caption a photo. Post an unusual photo (that has to do with your cause) and ask your Facebook fans to come up with a caption. Tell them that the best answer wins an Einstein award.
  4. Play the elephant game. Crop a small section from a photo, post it on your page and ask fans to guess what it is. For example, a dog shelter can post a picture of the dogs ear and ask fans to guess what breed the dog it is.
  5. Let Google Analytics help you. Post a picture from your one of your top viewed Web pages and post it with a comment or excerpt from the article.
  6. Let aliens abduct your page. The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta did a show that involved a tiny alien. In December they dressed it up as Santa and shared it on their page.

Full story at Socialbrite.

Tips for non-profits.

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