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20 strange ways to get to sleep

It’s no secret getting enough sleep is essential to peak functioning, yet too many of us lie awake at night, watching the alarm get closer and closer with nary a nod.

Nina Zipkin at Entrepreneur found twenty unusual ways to get more rest. Can’t hurt to give them a try considering the huge payoff if they work.

Mind your beeswax.

Japan’s University of Tsukuba found that octacosanol, a component found in wheat germ oil, rice bran oil, sugar cane and beeswax, helped lower stress levels and increased sleep in mice.

Follow the 20-minute rule

If you’re going to try and nap, know that a nap any longer than 20 minutes will throw off your sleep cycle. “If you were to take a 45-minute nap, you’re going to catch yourself right in the deeper stages of sleep when your alarm goes off and you’re actually going to feel pretty wiped out for a while,” explains MetroNaps co-founder and CEO Christopher Lindholst. Plus, if you oversleep during the day, not only will you be groggy after you wake up, you’ll actually make it harder on yourself when trying to fall asleep at night.

Eat breakfast for dinner

Having foods such as bananas (filled with muscle-relaxing potassium), eggs (high in protein which is known to help aid sleep) and toast (a light source of carbs to regulate blood sugar) before you turn in can help you get better sleep. If you’ve been having some late nights, treat yourself to some brinner.

Full story at Entrepreneur.

Nip that sleep disorder in the bud.

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