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20 tips for your Facebook business page [infographic]


Is your business Facebook lacking that special something that draws fans like flies…wait, that doesn’t sound like such a good thing, but you know what we mean.

Take a look at these twenty tips to snazz up your company’s Facebook presence.

Via Lyubcho.

Like infographics? So do we.

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  • Terrific infographic. I love the part about not automating your social media.
    Going to be printing this out 🙂

  • I love this infographic. Its so true that it shouldn’t be automated though i got here through guy’s automated tweet 🙂 irony

  • Although very basic tips that everyone should understand by “default”, it’s still nice to refresh on what the experts have to say.

    Definitely wasn’t aware of the fact that posts disappear after a certain time.

  • Thanks for sharing the Infographic, guys 😉

  • Great Infographic! I’ve worked with Lyubcho and I know he has much more to offer so keep a close eye on him 😉

  • Hey really very good infographic. A point which you have covers is really very nice if we follow all these tips then our business page is really awesome thanks for sharing

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  • […] out this infographic with lots of tips to make your Facebook page more […]

  • […] out this infographic with lots of tips to make your Facebook page more […]

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