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2,000-year-old corpse found buried with his weed

If you thought no one could be more protective of their weed stash than your college roommate, chances are they’ve got nothing on this guy.

Archaeologists in northwest China uncovered a thirty-five-year-old man with Caucasian features who perished between 2,000 and 3,000  years ago with quite the collection of marijuana plants.

According to National Geographic:

Thirteen cannabis plants, each up to almost three feet long, were placed diagonally across the man’s chest, with the roots oriented beneath his pelvis and the tops of the plants extending from just under his chin, up and alongside the left side of his face…

This discovery adds to a growing collection of archaeological evidence showing that cannabis consumption was “very popular” across the Eurasian steppe thousands of years ago, says Jiang.

This isn’t the first time cannabis has been discovered in burial sites, and the condition of the plants and other evidence leads researchers to believe it was used for psychoactive purposes rather than for the fiber or as a food source.

Full story at National Geographic via Neatorama.

High on archaeology.

Photo credit: Hongen Jiang

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  • marvin ellis

    BUT …was He buried with a Pipe ? Papers ?

  • Marilyn

    He picked them up on the Stairway to Heaven

  • Sue

    Drug users are loosers………………no matter what the date in history.

  • David Hadley

    Kool man

  • bob

    sue…you are a loser

  • Mike

    There are many legal drugs that have been deemed beneficial and “worth it” by the authorities and medical professionals!

  • James38

    Sue is the fossil. She walks and talks, but has no brain.

    Nice to see such evidence. Imagine telling that guy about the drug war? “You did what? Put people in prison for weed? Hoo, boy, you future people are stone crazy.”

  • you

    somebody slap sue.

  • Bronwyn

    Sue, you didn’t spell ‘losers’ correctly. You lose. 😉

  • Dave

    Maybe he was being treated for chemo.

  • randy slocum

    Any viable seeds?

  • tarmancer

    loosers…? haha. just like the judge judy episode. loser

  • joeomega

    idiots. bugs dont like cannabis, so covering him in it kept the worms, ants and other flesh eater bugs off him.

  • Sue…
    Marijuana an was never a “drug” in the sense you make .
    Before you show your level of ignorance do some research…

    In addition It was Nixon that made marijuana schedule 1 “drug” because of his hatred for John Lennon and knew he smoked. It….

  • Garrett Hawkins

    I want to say hey, he likes his greenery.

  • Amy

    Apparently, no one else smoked it otherwise they would have kept it.

  • He was known as Bogartas Mostus

  • Jimbo1185

    Maybe Sue is speaking from personal experience – perhaps with a little herb she got too loose and forfeited her virginity…

  • Brad

    People named Sue are losers… No matter what the date in history

  • conz

    yea man jah

  • JohnS

    In my old age (65) I developed very painful arthritis.
    So the Dr. has me taking pain killers everyday for the rest of my life.
    In America, when young & using drugs you are a loser doing drugs.
    At my age, i’m a responsible adult taking pain medication.
    Funny part is; the Dr.s ask me how many of the pain relievers I need to take & write the prescription accordingly.
    Yes, somebody please, please slap Sue!!!

  • Jim

    I’m working on a Limerick for this stoner …
    He couldn’t have done it; a loner.
    When he ‘bought the farm’,
    fellow hipsters were not alarmed.
    They wrapped himn in leaf; the goner.

  • Lawrence Popper

    Sue is mentally retarded.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    They found Cannabis in the Pyramids , This guy was alive when jesus was 16 years old,

    BUT the Useless US wants a TAX on our weeds?

    EAT the RICH and put a TAX on every BITE!

  • Timmy Saint

    The idea was for the THC to slowly be absorbed into his body over the long tern to keep his buzz going for eternity.

  • bonobo jean

    Sue is brain dead.. too much alcohol and pain pills..

  • kevin

    sad that sue is a moron, get educated

  • Uninformed Sue

    Guys be nice to Sue. She is just uniformed. I wonder if she drinks coffee? Does she know that caffeine is a drug(found in coffee)? Maybe shes on drugs and doesn’t even know it? Think about that guys. Sue please don’t attack people like that. Have a blessed day.

  • Bruce Swanson

    JOEOMEGA: It’s not certain that cannabis repels insects (See https://goo.gl/RJZr8d).Tobacco definitely does. But whether cannabis or tobacco you’d still have to wrap the corpse entirely in the leaves. Finally, bodies buried deep enough decay from bacteria, not “bugs” or even worms — they don’t get down that deep.

  • Maybe this will help you out.

  • yok

    He died young because of his Indian Hemp (Cannabis) drug use!

  • Ken

    Sue is full of poo.

  • yvette tannenbaum

    sSue is correct in her freudian slip of word (spelling in this instance) cannabis use does tend to render people looser as oopposed to UP-TIGHT ….

  • Jerry

    I’m all for you Sue. The negative comments are all from snot nosed lazy parasitic Millennials…………. They think they’re cool, but they will never amount to anything in life.

  • So- either this man was 10 feet tall, or his legs were only 2 feet long.

  • Herbalist

    We as humans have evolved with plants of all kinds and should be allowed to continue to do so but if that was to happen BIG pharma would go broke .

  • I am sure that Sue was referring to the illegal drugs of today. In addition, the cannabis might have been used for burial preservation, just as OMEOMEGA has suggested.

  • gary

    finaly proof that marijuana kills.

  • Kim

    Hey! Take it easy on Sue! Smoke some and chill out


    i had worked in med . fields , who using drugs without right purpose for his health is a loser !

  • Kurt

    Tommy Chong’s great great great great great great great great grandfather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    He died young prob had cancer and found the truth that this “weed” helped him deal with it, others knew as well that’s why they put it with him Sue your an idiot

  • J.Roland Wagner

    Gee, you don’t mean that weed is not a new concept?

  • Me

    Joeomega….bugs,critters,etc. LOVE weed…just ask budworms and moths and beetles to name a few…you seem to be the idiot now…

  • Sturgeon's Law

    An ancient Chinese man with Caucasian features buried with reefer? Is it Tommy Chong?

  • Don Fowler

    The problem with Sue is I wonder how many of Great American Founding Fathers is she aware of that consumed cannabis quite regularly? They not only created America, but most often in the middle of war they made some of mankind’s greatest political contributions along with all the new guidelines they were developing for our nation, and yes, many were “stoners” of their times. Oh one of those marvelous documents written back then is our Constitution. Thomas Jefferson not only grew hemp but he grew cannabis. He really was a loser, wasn’t he, Sue?

  • Sue's Husband

    Sue doesn’t know it but she’s been consuming my ‘family homemade brownie recipe’ ever since we got married! She was actually stoned out of her mind when she made that comment! She can never spell correctly when she’s baked, but oh boy is she a machine in the sack!

  • D

    More evidence of the beneficial use of marijuana. This evidence is over 2,000 years old. So WHY is marijuana illegal today? Stupidity.

  • thedank

    Likely of Scythian origin . Very cool!

  • Sue's Son

    Hey dad! Nice to see you clearing up moms mistake! But yeah folks he’s right we “bake” pretty often…and sorry dad but one night she thought I was you…and…well…let’s just say I can agree to your last comment.

  • Rod Bear

    “Drug” is subjective. Caffeine is methylxanthine and the most consumed psychoactive drug on the planet.

  • Just goes to prove that even the ancients were highly intelligent.


    @ Sue: “Drug users are loosers………………no matter what the date in history.”

    Sue, ever had an over the counter medication? Or had a prescription filled from a hospital? Those were drugs you took. Had a sip of alcohol? Chances are high (no pun intended) that throughout your lifetime you have consumed many a drug, just didn’t know it.

    Oh, and loser is spelled with one o, not two. Considering there is a spell check while I am writing this, sort of blows my mind how you must not have seen the red line under the word…or figured you were right and spell check was wrong.

  • BOB

    wow….everyone went off the deep end…….with the wise cracks……it is fascinating to wonder about the circumstances and the beliefs of those times but obviously the pot was revered and the man was being respected….it is a magical substance

  • Mia

    The man’s remains have been preserved until now, so the cannabis in his grave was probably used with that in mind. A Caucasian man in China 2,000 years ago was clearly an explorer, a Chris Columbus type with an insatiable curiosity. At 35, he was an old man in those days, and had lived a full life. I’m still laughing about the fact that Sue so easily related the archeological find of the decade to today’s average nihilist.

  • jESS

    Weed is the most Spiritual Medicinal Plant on this planet …..and thus the enemy of the Government. You figure it out….it isn’t hard.

  • Ryan

    weed is a drug drugs are a crutch…man up and quit defending it. Yes yes we all have heard the drug isnt addictive…the point is the feeling IS addictive.Meaning people become a slave to feeling the way they do high. So instead of prioritizing things first…they prioritize weed THEN go do important things.

    Listen we’ve all seen it somebody who says lets go i dont know play baseball, or start work, or write a song…but lets get high first. Its like they feel they cant do an activity without getting high.

    I know i know thats not EVERYONE who smokes, theres the medicinal purposes people!! Half the people who use it have medical issues because they werent taking care of their body to being with (yes there are others who get genuine medical issues of course) but they rely on weed to kill pain or sooth their stomach wooziness or whatever. Well weed isnt a better pain med then lets say morphien (spelling) now obviously weed is less harmful than the other drug but still the point is to KILL PAIN…so then that negates the whole point of taking it…you either want to kill pain or ya dont…you dont want to keep half the pain for a weaker drug (weed). Ill spare you pot heads any more on the medicinal garbage as regardless of HOW you ingest the drug…weed does you harm (omg so does everything!!…exactly but i dont see orange juice industries making craved desperate addiction based affronts about their product like potheads do lol its like they cant live without it)

    The clothing people…sigh…just sit in a corner and make your shoes and stfu

    then theres the recreational people. You people are the laughing stock of the world. Youre the people who want 15 an hour at mcdonalds…but run to the bathroom to take a hit on the clock…you people think rules dont matter…ya know if you could show you could live without the weed maybe the govt wouldnt be so intense on banning it. Suprisingly enough morons the world still spins and life will go on if you just stopped smoking and actually used your own tools to carry on with life, not relying on the crutch of weed to “mentally” put you in your “safe/comfort” zone. The video game chip eating losers…yeah i know youmadbro, lol they hate us cause they aint us, supwned kids…i get it you like feeling hated cause it makes you feel like your a spoke in the wheel (even if it is the loser spoke), its easier to be hated than like, its easier to be lazy than productive, its easier to be stupid than smart, but you kids arent laughed at in the laughing stock state…your laughed at in the sense that people are saying “Im better than you”, those people then turn around shake their heads and walk away with everything you want and youll never have because you liek your little corner in the dark room with your chips pepsi halo and d00bs.

    Long story short potheads…its simple…Im better than you~

  • jon

    What a way to go. 🙂

  • Highlowsel

    Ah yes…the saving grace of existence. Mother Nature provides us all a little release, a little respite, from basic reality from time to time. The best part is you are free to partake, or not, as you choose. it doesn’t matter to her she grows it for reasons known only to her. But it might just help your perspective on things if you take what she offers. At least…moderately. Heh!

  • Anti-Sue

    Sue needs to get out of the house every so often.

  • Meow meow

    I bet sue has no problem going to the pharmacy for her opioids. Then after she pops them she takes a swig of her wine and says “ahhh drugs are for loosers.” You see how well the grammar is!!

  • tom

    thank you sue. please send me a complete list of how to live my life.

  • tom

    thanks sue. please send me a complete list of how i should live my life.

  • thank you sue. please send me a complete list of how to live my life

  • Sue's Mother

    Oh Sue, really? You of all people trying to play the perfect person? Have you forgotten the LSD liquid 25 that you mixed into our Thanksgiving potatoes in 1979? Do you not recall how the entire family thought they were on the psychedelic boat ride with the Opa LLumpas from Willy Wonka? You are such a silly girl Sue. You were never my favorite out of your siblings, actually you were my least favorite child.

  • superbob

    sue also does not know that sugar and caffeine are also drugs and could be considered recreational as well as medicinal.

  • KBCA

    SUE, You are right. Drug users are loosers because you can get really loosened when high.

  • Richard Beres

    only users lose drugs

  • John

    i thought my cousin was crazy, but this guy took it to another level…..To be buried with your Stash to stay high in the afterlife…..he mah hero!!!!

  • Sues Lover (when shes stoned)

    That was an awesome thread… poor sue and then a twist! Sues husband! lol This should be a movie. or a skit or something…

  • sues next door neighbor

    I agree with sues son ……..she a hottie , when on brownies

  • hb

    Hey, ryan. Would you mind repeating that?

  • Judy

    OMG, I could never compete with all the great comments above. But there are many “losers” who don’t smoke pot, or do any other “illegal” drugs. Just sayin’….

  • get the seeds!

  • Mike Tatom

    Poor Sue. I’m 70 now and I’ve smoked pot since the age of 21. I don’t regret it at all–at times it’s made me happier, made hard times more bearable, relieved stress and reduced pain. I’m as sharp as ever, and I’m pretty sharp, without any side effects. Neither my work nor my family has suffered because of it’s use. What else can I say, I like it.

  • Roland

    It appears as though this individual was stealing these plants and probably-and maybe finally-got caught. Can you imagine, the entire history of cannabis use as a “psychoactive” has been erased.

  • KH


  • BRandon

    Hey Ryan,

    Take a puff and stfu. No one cares what you think.

  • roadbird

    hey ryan read sue comments you are in the same boat and oh my god so out numbered. better carry that gun you may be shot. Oh sorry carry and the police will

  • Miller

    Haha, HB–I think Ryan is always repeating that sadness somewhere–THERE’S a closed loop if I’ve ever seen one…

  • iknowbetter

    joeomega- bugs love it. idiot

  • marvin r wilson

    Wow look at all the vile low life hate comments thrown at sue—sue don’t let it get to you they are just low life ddruggies—-most of are probably homeless due to drug use—

  • sue is your last name creamcheese

  • Sue's Dog

    I need a new home away from all these pothead LOOSERS. Woof!

  • Sue, you were my least favorite child and I only had one.

  • Marty

    Hey, Ryan,You might think you are better.But you know what? You will still die,be put in the same dirt,and turn to dust just like the rest of us….youmadbro, lol

  • huggy55

    This man was Jesus. When he got kicked out of Jerusalem for committing fraud, he traveled to China to smoke opium mixed with weed to make him forget his problems


    I make 80K a year. I have a beautiful family, nice house, and I’m highly respected by my family and co-workers. I have been smoking for 20 years and I couldn’t be happier. Life is GREAT, Pot is GREAT. So I guess ill carry on with my Totally great, Happy, Loser life. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

  • YAWN

    Oh for the love of God, Ryan….would you just shut up. I got bored two sentences in.

  • blueMorta

    TT’s true Its truo

  • James Polock

    marijuana plants 大麻 is a common source of fibers for ropes, work fabrics in China. It is a very common plant for the harvest of its fiber. China use bamboo skin for fine fibers as well as 大麻. The usage for recreation purpose is only adapted in the West. Asian cultures do not treat this plant as people here in America

  • Lindsey Blevins

    Leave Sue alone! It’s like she is a sheep amongst wolves here. Pay no mind to these losers they have been smoking too much cannabis.

  • they also found him with a volcano vaporizer

  • Johnny Blade

    Seeds wheres the seeds

  • Wesley Pipes

    Shame on Sue for being so negative. Positive Vibes only

  • Gbuss

    If Sue or anyone on this wonderful thread doesn’t think they take drugs you must be stoned. Coffee- a drug (caffeine) tobacco-a drug (nicotine) alcohol- a drug, the list goes on and on, not to mention just like our need for food,water, shelter etc… so is the need to alter our consciousness. but you are still a totally good person Sue and Ryan even tho you are the least liked by your own mothers. Just saying.

  • Shut up Lindsey.

    It’s humorous. Not like any of us know perfect Susie Q anyway. Laugh a little you wet blanket.

  • Informed Sue

    This Sue gets it. On your side, guys. Shame on the “Sue” name-hater!

  • Dwight

    Sue, I’m a disabled Navy veteran, and use marijuana for pain control. The VA has been working to allow soldiers with PTSD access to marijuana to help them. WE are not losers and can spell correctly. I fear that some Americans believe the lies fed them by the government. It has been proven that alcohol is the gateway to drug use. Try learning the truth about reality and quit being so gullible.