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2011 B-school trends


Ever lay awake at night wondering, “What went on at business schools during 2011?” Lucky for you, Business Week points out some interesting trends. Here are just a few:


Finance and consulting are no longer the careers synonymous with MBAs. Sure, both industries still grab large chunks of students, but their grip is lessening as jobs at start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies, and social-enterprise ventures rally in popularity. The shift is driven by students, says J. J. Cutler, who was Wharton’s deputy vice-dean for MBA admissions, financial aid, and career management when we spoke to him in April. “Part of this is a reaction to the financial crisis, part of it is a generational shift, part of it is that they are coming from much more diverse backgrounds,” he told us. Groupon, Zynga, and Teach For America are some of the employers attracting MBAs these days. And the student organization Net Impact reports that it has sent a stream of MBA talent to agencies such as the U.S. National Parks Service and the Chicago Public Schools system.


Entrepreneurship remained a hot topic in B-schools this year, with more schools offering courses and concentrations in the area. To keep up with the trend, Bloomberg Businessweekcontinued its periodic series on B-school start-ups, with each story focusing on a company launched by MBAs or undergraduate business school grads. In every case, company founders were able to take advantage of lessons they had learned in B-school—as well as advice from professors and other administrators—to get their ventures up and running. Among the companies featured this year was a hair-care line targeted at women of color, a sportswear line offering a basketball sneaker that helps you jump higher, and a website that connects people who are related through academic circles and are looking to list or rent short-term apartments

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