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2012 election without universal suffrage



Before 1870, only white men could vote. Here’s how the election would have looked before the 15th Amendment.

It’s been said many times that Barack Obama’s second-term win was helped, in large part, by groups who have gradually won the vote since the country’s founding, including minorities, young people and women.

Buzzfeed has played a game of what-if with the electoral map based on polling data that shows what the result would have been had the vote not been extended to all people currently holding that right, and the results show just how powerful these traditionally disenfranchised groups have become.

As the saying goes, “Ain’t no power like the power of the people, ‘cause the power of the people don’t stop.”



While women’s suffrage passed in 1920, there were still huge impediments to minorities to vote during that period, for instance in the form of poll taxes (only finally outlawed by the 24th Amendment in 1964). So here’s a version of the map that shows only white voters, men and women.

Full story at Buzzfeed.

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