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2013’s Pantone palette


Whether you’re planning a particularly trendy wedding or just want to make sure your spring wardrobe is cutting edge, jewelry designer Rena Klingenberg of RenaKlingenberg.com has the perfect sets of palettes based on the star shade of 2013, emerald.

Emerald – Pastel Color Scheme (above)

With these paler, more delicate colors, Emerald is the focus – while still coordinating with the rest of this scheme.


Emerald – Triad Color Scheme

Triad colors are from three points around the color wheel that form a triangle – with Emerald as one of the points in this case.

Here the color to the right of Emerald looks a lot like antiqued brass, and I like the mood that the purple lends to this scheme.

Full story at RenaKlingenberg.com.

Perfect jewels of color.

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