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21 tips to get your tweet on!


If the tweeting of a little blue bird is taunting you from what seems like every branch of your life, it might be time to take a leap into the great beyond and give yourself and your business a chance to soar through the Twitter-blue sky with these twenty-one tips from Pam, “the marketing nut.”

1. Don’t be afraid. There is no twitter king going to fly down and paste you with blue tar and feathers if you mess up. Although there are some norms and etiquette to follow, it doesn’t matter if you mess up. What’s the worst that will happen? You lose a few followers? Who cares!? There are millions where those came from.

2. You haven’t missed the tweet bus! It’s not too late to be part of the conversation. Heck, it’s not even too late to be part of the development of the ecosystem, rules of engagement for your specific niche.

3. Don’t worry about the difference between a Twit & Tweet. The lingo will come. The tools will come. You don’t have to learn it all over night. No doubt even after 30 days you will be able to help someone who jumps on the tweet bus after you!

4. Don’t hide that you’re a newbie! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We’ve all been there. If you have a question, ask it. The only dumb question is the one that you don’t ask.

5. Do it your way based on your business, not your neighbor who failed. Listen and learn from others but filter the input and knowledge you receive. Take the time to do it right and learn for yourself, your business and your niche.

6. Art before science in social media. Relationships & people before tools. Don’t waste anymore time learning the tools. Setup that Twitter account and get to talking. Social relationships are the turbo zoom power of online marketing. Focus on connecting with real people in an authentic way and the tools will come easier. Focus on how you can leverage the tools to meet objectives and build relationships, not just learn the tools for sake of learning the tools. Always ask yourself “how can I better use this tool to meet objective A, B or C”.

Full story at Pam Marketing Nut.

Twittering’s not just for birds anymore.

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